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Implementing MecaManager in your business has proven to enhance workshops' operational and aftersales processes.

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Digitise your aftersales service

By applying a LEAN approach, MecaManager streamlines processes and optimises
efficiency right through the customer journey:


Live Service Updates

Educational Videos

Customer Portal

Booking Management


Productivity Increase

Staff Management

Increased Up-Selling

Overview Dashboards


Situational Awareness

Roster Flexibility

Smoother Work Flow

Better Parts Management


Courtesy Vehicle Management

Access Up-to-date Customer Information

Support Account Management and Up-selling

We're one of a kind.

MecaManager is a scheduling and planning app designed specifically for your mechanical workshop. We are adaptable. We seamlessly plug into your existing DMS to simplify and streamline your workshop planning and scheduling needs.

While there are other systems out there, they are driven by accounting rules which are not suited to the unique needs of the vehicle servicing industry. MecaManager is for YOU, mechanical workshops and car dealerships.

MecaManager gives you complete visibility of the day-to-day operations of your mechanical workshop so you can focus on delivering consistent results to keep your customers happy and loyal.

Increase your workshop efficiency and reap the cash benefits

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240+ Billable Hours

Live centralised

200+ Sites Manageable

Live streaming
and overview
across your

70% Upselling Conversion

Monitor key

3+ Saved Hours Per Day

Live appointments based on workshop planning & availability

EASYAdd On & Seamless Integration

with over 80

WEB ACCESSTo manage contracted jobs

Give visibility
to all parties

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